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He and his colleagues at JP Research have identified more than 2,000 spots on the expressway where relatively simple engineering fixes, from better barriers to clearer signs, could save lives. Media captionCrash investigator Ravishankar Rajaraman examines the wreckage of a fatal car cheap clothes online accident "Road engineers are not serious about this problem," Shankar says. "So we keep fighting with them on this point. How many deaths are you going to wait for, until you really understand that this is a serious concern?" clothes online shopping In this context, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's plan for the biggest expansion of roads in Indian history is unnerving. In the next few years he wants to pave a distance greater than the circumference of the earth and there's a particular push to build highways and expressways. Piyush Tewari, CEO of the SaveLIFE Foundation, says that without putting the country on a "war footing", including a complete overhaul of road safety legislation and a modern road-building code, Modi's new roads will only add to the number of dead. "Road crash deaths online shopping for clothes will increase at the rate of one death for every 2km of new road that is constructed. That's the average death rate on Indian highways - one death every 2km, annually. So if we don't fix any of this, if we're constructing 100,000km of highways, 50,000 deaths is what the average maths tells us will be added to the total," he says. Image copyright Rolex Awards/Jess Hoffman Image caption Piyush Tewari believes the planned new roads could lead only to more fatalities Modi's government insists the new roads will be safer. "We are improving the road engineering; clothing stores we are improving the traffic signal system; we are making crash barriers", transportation minister, Nitin Gadkari, tells me.

NEWS Digital and Social Coverage runs all day beginning Sunday, September 18th through Monday, September 19th E!'s digital platforms (Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook) will cover TV's big day from start to finish, providing instantaneous live updates during and following the event. From the unpredictable celebrity moments to the 360 views of the red carpet looks, E! News will give pop culture fans around the world unparalleled access to the stars as soon as they step onto the carpet, as well as the latest entertainment news and style scoop that can only be clothes shop found on E! News. Plus, E! News' team will be on the ground, reporting live and sharing breaking news as it happens on the carpet - including exclusive reporting of Emmy show moments that you can't catch on TV. Facebook Live Streaming Sunday, September 18th @ 4:30p ET/1:30p PT E! hosts Will Marfuggi and Sibley Scoles will kick off Emmy day on social with a special edition of E! News on Facebook Live. Will and Sibley will offer their fashion and entertainment predictions, and take questions from users in real-time - providing pop culture fans a behind-the-scenes, interactive second screen experience of the Emmy's red carpet.

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