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6 June 2018 Strawberry Moon Astrology Predictions That Will Help You Make The Best Of This Reflective Time

Friends will likely play a big role in your life around the June full moon — and I'm talkin' new friends who you've been hanging out with this summer and old pals who have found a way to reconnect with you over the last few weeks. Stardust urges you to embrace them all! Doing so will help you understand yourself even better... and don't we all need that kind of help? 3. You May Feel A Little Neglected By Family And Friends If you've been feeling like loved ones aren't giving you the attention you deserve lately, try to cut them some slack. "They're not ignoring you," Stardust says. "They may be busy with their own full moon stories!" Rather than wallowing in feelings of being pushed aside, take the initiative and reach out to these friends and family members yourself. Share your feelings and commit to moving forward together. 4.

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