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Newsstand owner Stephen Bota and his two teenage daughters stood near the march route, handing out free copies of newspapers from the 2009 inauguration of Trumps predecessor, Barack Obama. Botas shop, News World, is about four blocks away from the White House, and he told Yahoo News he wanted to give away the papers from Obamas swearing-in as a this article gift to the marchers. We are doing this as a thank-you to those who came out of their houses to do a peaceful demonstration. Most of them are Obama supporters in a sense, so just so they can feel like it was worth their time, Bota explained. Bota and his daughters had piles of slightly yellowed copies of the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Times from January 21, 2009. กระเป๋าสตางค์ขายส่ง 60 บาท He described the response to his giveaway as very, very, very positive beyond my initial thought. He decided not to charge for the memorabilia, even though there is a robust market for papers from Obamas inauguration online. In addition to his desire to give a gift to the marchers, Bota said handing out the papers would help clear space in his store. As a newsstand we have to make room for the new product. So were not going to be sitting here trying to make money off the old administration. Its gone.

Malin utilized white parasols to illustrate Minnies trademark polka dotted dress and give a nod to Hollywood glamour. Minnie Mouse has helped make polka dots famous all over the world, and I am continually inspired by her impact on fashion and pop culture, said photographer Gray Malin.Her red with white polka dot dress and the classic red carpet have always been symbolic of Hollywood to me. I consider Minnie one of Hollywood's most iconic leading ladies, so the red carpet seemed like a fitting setting for a collection that celebrates her timeless style." The video piece showcases the movement that comprises the key stills of the series. Malin used his artistic eye to create a glamorous visual that highlights Minnies fun-loving personality and the glitz of Tinseltown from a whole new perspective. Working with choreographer Mary John Frank, the carpet comes to life in a dance number driven by the opening and closing of the parasols, infusing movement into Minnies iconic polka dots. Sixty dancers glide across the red carpet, showcasing the hustle and bustle of awards season to the tune of original music, with the final frame including a star turn by entertainments leading lady herself Minnie Mouse. Minnie Mouse has been captivating audiences, and inspiring artists and designers for decades, said Josh Silverman, Executive Vice President, Global Licensing at Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media. Gray Malins incredible Red Carpet series, with Minnie as muse, is the perfect marriage of fashion, art and entertainment. Prints are available for purchase on the Gray Malin website: Rock the Dots on National Polka Dot Day (January 22) For decades, Minnie Mouse has not only delighted fans on screen and off, but she has also served as a muse for glamorous fashion houses such as Commes des Garcons, Lanvin and Kate Spade, inspiring countless fashion collections. Minnies classic look, rooted in perfect polka dots, has been continuously reimagined by the fashion industry with admiration, and fans have taken to celebrating Minnies impact on style with National Polka Dot Day (January 22). This year, in celebration of this legacy and an upcoming collaboration between designer Olympia Le-Tan , Disney and Uniqlo, Olympia Le-Tan designed a custom dress and clutch handbag for Minnie Mouse which she will wear to a Hollywood dinner. The original polka dotted dress and clutch take inspiration from Olympia Le-Tans Minnie-themed collaboration with Uniqlo which will be available globally in Uniqlo stores this Spring.

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