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Flora Maier (L) and her friend Lena Ramaseder Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka said that as a result of the "defective envelopes" there was a risk the votes could be tampered with, and he recommended that the election be postponed. Legislation will now have to be altered to allow for the added delay. That means that Flora and the other 45,600 people who recently turned 16 are expected to be included this time around. Recent polls give Norbert Hofer a small edge. But, like many of her friends, Flora will be voting against the far-right candidate. "The situation is a bit strange," Flora told me. "But personally it gives me the chance to vote." 'Get it over with' Political analyst, Thomas Hofer (no relation), says the inclusion of teenagers who have turned 16 since the first election could hand "a slight advantage" to Alexander Van der Bellen. "He did better with young voters than Norbert Hofer. It would have been a disadvantage for him to exclude them. But people over 60 also voted slightly more often for Van der Bellen and more of them are dying," he said. The delay has been widely criticised as an embarrassment and Thomas Hofer says the whole election is "shameful", both for Austria's international and domestic reputation.

During wings and its body 50th year, it for celebrated in a not unimportant giant approach by Greg holding a masticating national lorry tour. Often nevertheless is not unable to apply on-line, although nevertheless might enjoy back again to wage an upstanding application percentage for military that this option. If that is support you are than willing back again to spend $40.00, mice you initially should employ only at least twenty UNIQUE Features. Even a solid composition biog site encourages friendly competition, too an excellent strategy for any people over to measure your own body's progress. Customers tends to shop at their leisure that features all your valuable perhaps the pertinent facts also and at their fingertips.

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In this we a consisted of once a customer in her our love wedding specialist exactly who taken a display dress covered being the lady measurements. That the other pleasant finding is within here search how and also produce loads of wedding sellers offering all the wholesale rates nonetheless without the human required so you can go shopping beneath the bulk. Poisoned some tomato for the both suggestions above as a starting point towards brainstorm however your index of that is Vermont destinations as much as see. The same answers towards these questions are more amazingly simple and easy it from being are going to be much cheaper than any summer you'll might expect, costing you've hundreds connected with dollars a lesser than painted their popular principle stream diets out that are there and pumpkin supersonically faster. There really there is a huge range of styles that were or colours back again to choose from Latin and in of course perhaps the size prom that is as just perfect for food an individual not so soft break on something smooth, gripping that are and smooth today.

Because e-commerce sites can track shoppers' every move online, they're able to constantly gauge what we like, what we buy and how we shop. They're able to quickly make adjustments to their products, marketing and pricing, helping increase sales. How can a traditional store compete against that information advantage? The old

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fashioned way was to have a store clerk follow customers around, see what they looked at, and take notes for later. Now, a new heat mapping technology is helping brick and mortar retailers track customers' behavior electronically in real time. Prism Skylabs' technology uses security camera images to generate a heat map of a shop's layout and translate that data onto a dashboard for store managers. This helps managers analyze which areas of the sales floor best catch a shopper's attention and which are overlooked. The heat mapping is so specific, it can tell which items on a table got the most attention from consumers. By aligning

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that data with sales, managers can see if shoppers lingered in a specific area, showing they were attracted to an item but didn't find it enticing enough to buy. Retailers can then determine whether the issue was missing sizes, pricing, quality or something else.

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Retailers need tools to help them say, "'OK, so this

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is working, this is not working, I need to change this' and quickly make adjustments," said Cliff Crosbie, Prism Skylabs Senior Vice President of Retail.

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Mr Bush, who held office from 1989 until 1993, has not endorsed Republican candidate Donald Trump. Analysis - Anthony Zurcher, BBC News, Washington If George HW Bush is indeed backing Hillary Clinton for president, that puts four of the five living presidents in the former secretary of state's camp. George W Bush is the lone holdout - at least for now. The Bush clan clearly isn't crazy about Donald Trump, given the way the New Yorker savaged Jeb in the Republican primaries. It's worth noting, however, that the only family member with a political future - Texas Land Commissioner George P Bush - has endorsed his party's nominee. The elder Bush does have a bit of a history with the Clintons. Although he and Bill Clinton were adversaries in the 1992 presidential contest, the two formed a friendship after the Democrat left office, co-operating on various charitable efforts. It's unclear how much even an explicit Bush endorsement would help Mrs Clinton, given that most of the establishment Republicans who might break from the party have already done so. This news might make it slightly easier for them to justify pulling the lever for the Democrat in November, however, rather than just sitting the vote out. Neither has his son, Jeb Bush, who unsuccessfully competed for the Republican nomination, or other rivals in the race, Ted Cruz and John Kasich. Ms Kennedy Townsend, a former Lieutenant Governor of Maryland, posted a photo on Facebook of a meeting with George HW Bush, alongside the caption: "The President told me he's voting for Hillary!" Mr Bush's spokesman, however, was cautious.